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Red Ribbon Week takes place October 23-31. Red Ribbon Week is the largest drug prevention program in the Nation. The theme for this years Red Ribbon Week Celebration is “It’s Up to Me to Be Drug Free!”

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U. S. ED’s OSDFS’ Safe and Supportive TA Center Announces a Webinar on Substance Abuse Prevention

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The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools’ Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center announces the next event in its School Climate Webinar series on substance abuse prevention.

This Webinar will be offered twice to accommodate schedules:

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., EST.
  • Thursday, October 13, 2011, 11:00 a.m. − 12:30 p.m., EST.

Please register for one of the sessions at:

Those who successfully register will receive an e-mail confirmation, and information on how to connect to each Webinar will be sent to those who register before the event.

During this Webinar, Dr. William Hansen, an internationally recognized expert in prevention, will focus on recent research on effective prevention practice and its implications for practitioners. Specifically he will:

  1. Explore current trends in substance abuse among American youth
  2. Review the latest evidence on effective prevention strategies
  3. Identify strategies for strengthening current practice in substance abuse prevention

Audience: This Webinar is appropriate for all levels of school staff, administration, and policymakers.

For more information, email

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We are No. 1!

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Florida is No. 1 in Marijuana grow houses.

According to the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, more marijuana grow houses were seized in Florida than in any other state last year.

Nationwide demand for high-potency marijuana has turned Florida into a top producer of hydroponic weed, and hundreds of South Floridians are turning their homes into lucrative grow houses, according to local law enforcement.

The illegal drug nurseries are hidden everywhere from million-dollar homes to run-down apartments, putting unsuspecting neighbors in serious danger, police said. Some grow houses are discovered only after explosions or fires.

“The bad guys are getting smarter, and we’re not finding them all,” said Capt. Joe Mendez, who oversees HIDTA’s marijuana task force in South Florida.

The huge profits made from hydroponic marijuana create a never-ending battle for police, said Mendez, of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. Each pound has a street value of about $4,000 in South Florida, and each plant produces about three pounds a year, according to the task force.

Read more at The sun Sentinel.

Binge Drinking: Effects last a lifetime.

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University of North Carolina study report that adolescents who drink heavily may be more likely to have deficits in adapting to life situations as adults. Teen drinking affects long-term structural changes in the brain’s frontal cortex, the part of the brain that allows us to predict consequences, control our impulse and refine reasoning.

Experts agree: Alcohol is the most dangerous drug of all.

“There’s not even a comparison. This is by far the number one health problem that young people face in our society”

Find out more by watching the news story online.

Florida Governor Scott creates ‘strike force’ to go after pills mills, drug pushers

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Gov. Rick Scott on Monday unveiled a new plan to attack crooked pain clinics, committing $800,000 to beef up criminal investigations into shady operators and rogue doctors as well as drug manufacturers, wholesalers and street dealers. This comes shortly after reports that Florida has become the largest U.S. producer of drugs like Oxycodone.

The plan calls for launching a “Drug Strike Force” made up of dedicated squads in each of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s seven regions across the state. The teams will incorporate state and local criminal investigators and also regulators from the health department and other state agencies.

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