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85% of Oxycodone in US comes from Florida

Posted by Sergio Perez on .

Dave Aronberg (special prosecutor with the attorney general’s office) revealed shocking statistics to a gathering at the health professions division of Nova Southeastern University: “Florida peddles 10 times more oxycodone pills than all the other states together.”

These statistics come to light as newly appointed Gov. Rick Scott promises to repeal the state law authorizing a prescription drug monitoring database.

Aronberg also noted that “[seven] Floridians die each day from overdosing on oxycodone.”

Via The Miami Herald. Read More.

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Parents, ask your school to get Red Ribbon Certified

Posted by Simone Brown Knight on .

Kids in a Red Ribbon Certified school have better academic performance and are less likely to use drugs or alcohol.  More Info

Why Red Ribbon Certification is important:

  • It emphasizes the importance of families involved in the education and healthy development of their children
  • It emphasizes the importance of reducing social problems to increase student resilience and academic achievement
  • It sustains pride and growing commitment through the ownership of good results
  • It assists in teacher retention because teachers want to work in a school and in a community dedicated to improving the lives of everyone
  • It reaches out to parents to learn more about the importance of prevention

How Marijuana Affects Learning

Posted by Simone Brown Knight on .

Marijuana is riskier than you think.  It can limit your teen’s achievement in the classroom, on standardized tests and in the future.    Test yourself.  Do you know the facts?  Read More