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2011 Red Ribbon Certified Schools Announced

In May, 2011 ten schools were awarded Red Ribbon certification, adding to the list of 53 others nationwide. This year, schools applied from three states Florida, Georgia and Oregon. Since 2005, Informed Families and the National Family Partnership have recognized schools that work as a team with parents towards academic excellence through prevention. These schools are awarded with Red Ribbon certification through an application process that assesses each school in four areas: school environment, best practices, parent engagement and year-round Red Ribbon commitment. Winning schools are certified for three years and receive a Red Ribbon Certified Schools flag to signify their achievement. See the list of 2011 certified schools here. If you would like to apply for certification, Click here to sign up for our next introduction webinar on 9/1/11 at 11AM EST.

Lancaster celebrated Earth Day on April 22, 2011 with a parent involvement Red Ribbon event. Parents worked in the Plant the Promise garden, signed a parent pledge and made plant the promise messages to place in the garden.

Dr. Gruber (Principal) and Wekiva High School administration team after receiving recognition for RRCS at OCPS school board meeting.

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