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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

Save the date: May 3rd, 2011.

As the number of adverse events experienced in childhood increases, the risk for the following health problems also increases:

drug abuse
suicide attempts
heart, liver, and pulmonary diseases
fetal death during adolescent pregnancy
high stress
uncontrollable anger
family, financial, and job problems
The effects of these events are long term, powerful, and cumulative, and they may be invisible to health care providers, educators, social service organizations, and policymakers because the linkage between trauma and problems later in adulthood is concealed by time, the inability to “see” the process of neurodevelopment, and the effects of the original traumatic events, which may not become evident until much later in life.

With help from families, providers, and the community, young children can demonstrate resilience when dealing with trauma. Learn more about the impact of trauma on childhood development and pass the information on to observe National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.

Learn more at SAMHSA.GOV.

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