The Red Ribbon Campaign is the largest universal prevention campaign in the nation.

Since 2005, over 70 schools nationwide have already received the honor of Red Ribbon certification. Why become a Red Ribbon Certified School? The program, based on prevention science, creates a culture of prevention, in participating schools, designed to:

  • Enhance outcomes for youth
  • Change student substance use and abuse attitudes
  • Impact awareness of issues and trends
  • Promote positive health behaviors

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Help us keep our children safe, healthy, and drug free.

Your donation helps the Red Ribbon campaign reach out to more schools, nationwide.

Why Certify Your School?

Receive national recognition for your school’s efforts to:

  1. Produce safe, healthy drug-free kids
  2. Increase parental involvement in schools
  3. Improve academic performance
  4. Improve awareness and social norms around alcohol and drug use

Parents and teachers, ask your school to get Red Ribbon Certified.

Schools go through a rigorous review of how they promote a healthy school environment. Students will be impacted in the following ways:

  1. Better Academic Performance
  2. Reduce number of kids using drugs and alcohol
  3. Less Binge Drinking
  4. Lower Alcohol and Drug Initiation Rates

Join our Webinar

New Applicants are accepted from September to December.

If you are interested in getting your school Red Ribbon certified, please attend our monthly introduction webinar.
This webinar takes place the first Thursday of each month (from September to December) from 3:00 PM – 4: 00 PM EST.

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Red Ribbon Certification Application

Over 70 schools nationwide have received the Red Ribbon Certification.
The Red Ribbon Certified Schools application is designed to provoke thought and orchestrate teamwork between the administration, staff, parents, students, teachers, and surrounding
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