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2020 Red Ribbon Theme Is Announced

2020 Red Ribbon Theme: Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free.

“I really would like the theme to inspire others for use as their mantra. Bravery is not just for superheroes.

Meet Tricia Nelson, the everyday hero behind the 2020 Red Ribbon theme: “Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free.”

The Red Ribbon Campaign unveiled its new 2020 Red Ribbon Theme, “Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free. ™” today. The theme will be highlighted during Red Ribbon Week®, the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention program, taking place each year from October 23 through 31st.

Submitted by Tricia Nelson, a first year Physical Education Teacher at Locust Corner Elementary School in Cincinnati, the theme will help amplify the campaign’s mission to encourage children, families and communities to live healthy, safe and drug-free lives.

Tricia aims to instill hope and strength in her students.

“I often tell my students that they are brave and strong, especially if they are having a hard time with a new activity,” she said.

She emphasized the importance of the Red Ribbon Campaign’s message, which she hopes will resonate when challenges arise.

 “I love how the campaign starts a difficult conversation between students and teachers,” she said. “I hope that when faced with tough decisions, students look back, remember Red Ribbon Week and make healthy choices.”

Last year, Tricia’s students participated in a dress up day called “Sock it to Drugs.” Students also discussed making healthy choices and talked about their future hopes and dreams.

Each year the National Family Partnership (NFP) sponsors the Red Ribbon Theme Contest by inviting Americans across the country to submit a unique slogan that captures the essence and mission of the campaign. Theme submissions are accepted beginning January 1 through December 2. Winners receive national recognition and $500 worth of Red Ribbon Week themed merchandise for their local school.

Red Ribbon theme products can be purchased exclusively from NFP partner NIMCO at

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