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Resources for Parents

The most important job you will ever have – “Parent” sometimes¬†known as “Adult Caregiver, Role Model, Mentor”


The number one reason kids give for not using drugs is their parents. The Red Ribbon Project seeks to help parents carry out the most important job they will ever have. In this site, we provide information meant to help parents in the job of guiding and modeling healthy behaviors and strengthening positive social values. Every adult contributes to the emotional and social development, cultural growth and academic achievement of every child. Are you equipped for the job?


Parents are the number one resource in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse.
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Get The Facts About Protecting Your Child Through Prevention


How Marijuana Affects Learning

As your teens go through high school and prepare for college they are at an increased risk for drug use and drinking. However, high school is the critical point in building the academic foundation for the rest of their lives. Be sure your teens remain drug-free during these critical learning years. Read More


Drug Effects on the Brain

The prefrontal cortex can be particularly affected in teens who drink heavily over long periods of time. Prolonged and excessive alcohol use during teen and younger years can result in a smaller prefrontal cortex and reduced brain white matter as young adults. Read More