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Academic Achievement Through Red Ribbon Certification

Aligned with the Governor’s A+ Plan, the Red Ribbon Certified Schools program targets identified needs to raise standards and improve training for educators, close the education gap and fully engage parents in their children’s education and healthy development.

  • It assists in development of substance abuse prevention training for teachers and other school personnel via this web site.
  • It works to create healthy neighborhoods and families and promote social and emotional development of children and youth to increase the level of academic achievement.
  • It emphasizes that problems of substance abuse and delinquency act as barriers to student learning which hinder grades and test scores.
  • It establishes benchmarks by which a school measures its own progress on a series of core measures meant to improve academic achievement and reduce high risk behaviors: alcohol, tobacco and drug use; truancy, drop out, teen pregnancy, etc.

Resources for Schools

Teachers are key to the development of a child. They teach them more than numbers and letters and can affect them beyond the time in the classroom.

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