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About Us

The National Red Ribbon Campaign is the largest universal prevention campaign in the nation. It’s celebrated annually for thousands of schools across the country.  Because of the campaign’s high visibility, and the massive numbers involved in Red Ribbon events every year, Red Ribbon certification has achieved credibility.

The Red Ribbon Certified Schools (RRCS) program, led by Informed Families, the National Family Partnership and Florida State University’s Center for Prevention Research, has been federally-funded and designed to assess and then celebrate effective efforts in the prevention of substance abuse among youth. It highlights the efforts of schools who work in collaboration with youth, parents, educators and the community as a team.

Red Ribbon Certified Schools is about achieving academic excellence thru prevention.  This initiative celebrates effective efforts in the prevention of substance use among youth.  It promotes team building to get parents, educators and students to work together towards creating a drug-free America.

RRCS is a pathway for engaging parents, teachers, students, and the community by emphasizing the importance of family involvement in the education and healthy development of children.

Program Goals:

  1. Produce safe, healthy drug-free kids.
  2. Increase parental involvement in schools.
  3. Improve academic performance.
  4. Improve awareness and social norms around drugs and alcohol.

Parents are the main ingredient in the success of their children.

Longer term goals include development of in-service distance learning focused on how parents, educators and the community can become more effective in reducing school failure, delinquency, truancy, drop-out and alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.